The Chuck Varesko Story:

Chuck Varesko's HeadshotWhen I was a mere lad, my uncle (the physicist, chemist, biologist, astronomer) said to me, "Specialize boy. That's the way to get ahead in this world." Of course, I didn't take his advice, and became an announcer, voiceover character specialist, on camera actor, musician, song writer and writer.

I started in radio at WDFM (now WKPS) the student staffed station at Penn State University. After learning how to run the control board and start the turntables I worked my way up through all the commercial stations in town. When there weren't any more radio worlds to conquer in Central Pennsylvania — I moved to Philadelphia in 1976, and was soon employed at WIOQ-FM. Soon after that I was not employed there... and I moved on to WQIQ-AM in Aston, Pennsylvania where I did the mid-day air shift. Also at that time I began working at The Main Point, a Mainline coffeehouse and performing arts center, as the sound man/night manager.

Then WIOQ called again to see if I'd be interested in being their Production Director. I was, so I said goodbye to WQIQ and came back to Philly radio. It was while working for WIOQ that I did my first on camera work for Gimbel's Department Store. I also began doing radio spots for outside clients at that time and joined AFTRA. Since those halcyon days of yester-year I have left commercial broadcasting behind and devoted my time to freelance announcing and acting. I am a member of SAG-AFTRA.