Tin Men — Featured Player. Directed by Barry Levinson

A Certain Sacrifice — Narrator. Directed by Steven J. Lewicki
(Madonna's first film.)

Twelve Monkeys — Psychiatrist. Directed by Terry Gilliam

Philadelphia — Reporter. Directed by Jonathan Demme

Bottle World — Cranky Old Customer

The Lost Episode — Ghost Patient


Difficult People — Max, Hulu

Saturday Night Dead — Guest, NBC-TV

Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien — 1930s Comic, One Man Band Member, Mustache Twin, NBC -TV

Absolutely Fabulous "The End" — New York Drag Queen, BBC -TV


The Competition's Killing Me —
Detective Stallone

Adventure of The Second Coming — Sherlock Holmes

Gangland '29 — Frank Nitti

A Christmas Carol — Scrooge

The Trouble At Harry's — Detective Ferkin

Night of The Phantom — Alfredo Bravado, Tettrazini


Promos for HBO's Curb Your Enthusiam, Larry David body double

Philadelphia Pride — Pig Slop PSA — Waiter

Miller Genuine Draft


Unisys — Scientist/Leonardo

Unisys — Mr.Seymour

Rohm & Haas — Dr.Otto Site

Comcast — Charlie, The Little Tramp

Smith Kline Beecham — Sleazy Salesman

Blue Sky Productions — Wine Waiter


Toltzis Communications — Ross Perot

Project X Productions — Scientist

The Entertainment Network — The Professor

Lucent — The Alien

The Entertainment Group — Einstein


Dialects, voice impressions, rock vocals, comic, guitarist, keyboards, music production, familiar with firearms.